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Daily for 15 days

Amount Range $10 - $300
Interest Rate 0.3%

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The lending on Ystarium - How it works?

Companies ask us for loans, our members want to grow their capital, we are the trusted third-party so that
lenders and borrowers are satisfied.

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About Ystarium Funds

Ystarium Fund is an internet platform that allows individuals and businesses to finance their projects around the world by making online loans. Our website provide a marketplace of online financing, news and insights on the microfinance and cryptocurrency field, and a place where lenders can organise their lending activity. Ystarium Fund has been created as a social business - combining a strong social vision with business and professionnal methodology. Our mission is to promote the growth of microcredit in the world.

You are probably wondering why loans and not donations? Simply because by lending to people, or even companies, rather than donating, you are forming a business relationship with them and treating them as an equal. This connection is based upon mutual respect and a desire to do business. We believe that this is a the best and most beautiful way to interact with people, irrespective of their situation or wealth. This also allow us to help people with low wealth to earn interests on a daily basis from their loans, creating a perfect win-win lending structure.

Why invest with Ystarium?

Selected Borrowers

Rigorous selection of borrowers allows us to have almost infallible loan reliability.

Trusted Platform

We generate our profits by charging borrowers a fee.


More than 80% of our borrowers are companies working for the ecological transition.

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